Tuesday, May 17, 2011


July 20,2013
Iron Horse Garage Fund Raiser (Returning Veterans Project)
Gaston, OR. 
2-5 PM

Aug 23,2013
1910 Bistro tasting room
Forest Grove, Or.
6 - 10 PM

Aug 24,2013
One Horse Tavern
Gaston, Or.
7 - 10 PM

Below....John Mead joins the boys at Plum Hill Vineyards

Robin Suskind, original member of Pure Prairie League and his son, Jody Suskind, member of 4 On The Floor, stir things up with original
tunes full of great hook lines and kick-ass rhythms. Flatpicking on his Collings or sliding on the Scheerhorn are just a couple of Robin's favorite things to do. But what he loves the most lately is getting together with his son on Tuesday nights for a little bit of rehearsing. Jody, a strong lead guitarist is hard to send home when the sun goes down. He can't seem to get enough of pickin' with his father. A prolific composer, Jody is a versitile and a smoothly skilled player, frequently coming up with new, innovative tunes that stupify his dad. Most recently, his step daughter, Jessica has popped in and added her talents as a third player on the fiddle while harmonizing with Robins' wife Jetta and Jodys' wife Chelsie. It's turning into a family affair!

Yep, that's Robin
playing mandolin (remember the song, Amy ?) in the original Pure Prairie League.

( above,Robin on far right playing bass guitar an original  member of Pure Prairie League )